Pasture Raised and Foraging

Pigs on Pasture
Pasture-raised hogs are happier and healthier than hogs raised in confinement as they are able to engage in their natural tendency to root in the soil for food. They also have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their meat, and more vitamin E than confinement-farmed hogs.

You are what you eat - and the same goes for the animals whose meat, milk and eggs you put in your mouth. We should not only be concerned about what we eat, but what our food eats as well.

Generally speaking, our food animals are not eating what they were naturally meant to eat. As more animals are raised by the thousands and packed into concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), their natural diets of roots and grasses, grubs and bugs has been replaced by a standard factory farm fare of grains, soybeans, King Corn and a sundry array of advanced pharmaceutical products.

But sound science has emerged to demonstrate that eating meat, milk and eggs from grass-fed and pastured animals will provide your body with more health-enhancing, disease fighting materials than industrial-grade CAFO-raised protein.

A new scientific review, a compendium of grass-fed beef benefits just published in Nutrition Journal, concludes that, "Research spanning three decades suggests that grass-only diets can significantly alter the fatty acid composition and improve the overall antioxidant content of beef."

This altered fatty acid composition replaces more of the "bad fats" of grain-fed beef with the "good fats" found in grass-fed protein.

In fact, more and more research is showing that cattle, pigs and poultry raised on their natural pasture and grass-based diets yield meat that is lower in total fat and calories, and food that is higher in good fats like Omega 3's, more concentrated with antioxidants such as vitamins E, C and beta-carotene, and with increased levels of other disease-fighting substances.

Pasture-raised animals also produce 3-5 times greater amounts of another good fat called "conjugated lineolic acid (CLA), which may be one of our most potent defenses against cancer: Written by: David Kirby

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